Roleplayers of Sarlona


Welcome to the new website for the Roleplayers of Sarlona (known as "Xen'drik Expedition League" amongst our own fold) -- a guild based in the game Dungeons and Dragon Online, sticking to the old-fashioned way this game was meant to be played.

 We are a group of close-knit members that have a love of Roleplaying, creating character plots and events for our characters to work through together.

4/11/2018 - The guild has been inactive for some time now. If anyone is still around or happens to check in you can find Aaret on the Sarlona server. Send me a note via the in-game mail. I am hoping to rebuild a roleplaying guild there although probably using a different name. Will try to check in here periodically.                                                                               

For Members of the Guild

Please go to the members page and become a member, membership will happen automatically and you will be allowed to post on the forums as well as put up any pictures you would like to.

For Persons Wishing to Join Guild

Please contact a member within the game to contact an officer who will then invite you into the guild. Our rules of the guild can be found on the rules page of the website.